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"Killer portrait from writer-performer Clifford Barry...cleverly conceived and smartly executed...a pleasingly complex dramatic study that’s in turn funny, abhorrent and poignant, Barry’s portrayal of Ruby is absolutely much about the man as the conspiracy theories, the show both provokes and engages." The List
"the depth of research that went into this production shines through...Barry develops a character that is incredibly well rounded and complex and thoroughly believable...deeply moving and disturbing with moments of intensely brilliant acting. This portrayal of a deluded man questions the very justice system we rely on. Was Jack Ruby a communist? A gangster? A psychotic killer? A patriotic hero? Barry leads us to these questions but leaves us to make up our own minds about this complicated and interesting man." Broadway Baby
"a top drawer character study, laced with dark humour...a poised physical performance full of authority, well paced and directed, posing tough questions about truth and lies, about impulsiveness and compulsion, about conspiracy and anti-semitism...Ruby's life is a tragedy, but Barry shares this life with humanity, humour and a depth of research and erudition in writing that renders it into a classy solo production. Highly recommended - you'll be held in thrall from start to finish." FringeReview
"I wish this wonderful show could have been longer...the excellence of this self-penned script and the manner in which the actor inhabits the role leave us in no doubt about Ruby: like his hero, he asked himself what he could do for his country and found the answer." Plays International
"a sympathetic and nuanced view of Ruby: an almost tragic figure, a bystander caught up in someone else’s tale. Barry cuts a commanding presence...there was one moment, when he looked me in the eyes, that I felt a stab of genuine fear... As the JFK rumour mill whirls on and on, Ruby’s been celebrated, pilloried, venerated and defamed, so it’s high time we heard some words of his own. I listened to those words and I actually believed them." FringeGuru
"This show is engrossing on so many levels, almost overwhelming in the amount of information packed into every expression, gesture and phrase. Clifford Barry is utterly convincing as Jack Ruby." Counter Culture UK
"Mesmerising...Barry inhabits and humanises Ruby, a man slowly disintegrating before our eyes, physically and mentally. It’s a bravura performance. Verdict: Rush to see Ruby." The Sci-Fi Bulletin
"utterly compelling...a vivid and visceral piece of theatre. Clifford Barry is nothing short of superb." Buxton Fringe Review (Nominated for Best Actor)