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On November 22nd 1963, while campaigning for support in Dallas, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated. A suspect, Lee Harvey Oswald, was swiftly arrested and charged. Two days later in the basement of the Dallas Police Department a local nightclub owner, Jack Ruby, gunned him down live on national television creating twenty million witnesses to murder.

Fifty years on and the speculation continues.

Kennedy: A beacon for peace or a man whose recklessness nearly brought the world to the point of nuclear disaster? The proud family man on the covers of the glossy magazines or a drug-dependent sex addict behind closed doors? An incorruptible master statesman or a president in office because of massive vote-rigging?

Oswald: Lone nut or an unwitting patsy? Committed communist or CIA asset?

No such debate exists for Ruby. The label "the Mafia's man in Dallas" has stuck fast. A blunt underworld weapon used to silence Oswald. A piece that fits the puzzle.

No one asks if Jack Ruby fits the piece.

This play is underpinned by on-the-record evidence – statements at Ruby's trial and before the Warren Commission, desperate notes smuggled out of the Dallas County Jail and his responses to polygraph and psychiatric testing.

It's a story you won't have heard.